Mac OS X Related Notes of a Mac Sys Admin

Hi All

Often I investigate things, try to solve a problem and never remember the finer details.  From now on I’m going to post them here for myself and everyone else.  Hopefully some of the info will be useful to others.


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  1. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for this very helpful article.

    I have successfully set the Print & Scan Pane to be unlocked by members of the staff group and also added a test user account to the lpadmin group on a new Macbook Pro running Mac OS X 10.7.1. Using the test user account I am able to click + to Add a printer. On then selecting a printer on my network (mostly HP LaserJets) I get a message saying “The selected printer software is available from Apple. Click Add to download it and add this printer”. On clicking Add I get prompted as follows:

    “PrintUITool is trying to check for new Apple-provided software. Type and administrator’s name and password to allow this.” I am unable to use the test user account to authorise this action. Is there anything else I can set in etc/authorization to permit this download using a Standard account?

    I also found that new accounts weren’t being added to the “staff” group by default and so I have had to add these manually.



    • Hi Ahrum

      I suspect there’s another level of security that’s wanting todo the Driver download, possibly one of the “softwareupdate” type keys. I’ll have a mess around & see if I can findout which one. Easiest way round this is to install the HP drivers as an admin prior, either in your image or via ARD. ( ) Typically I install the drivers in our image so this prompt doesn’t appear.


  2. Just ran into this with Mountain Lion. Missed it in Lion and no one complained. Here is what I did:

    Change the following top two keys in /System/Library/LaunchAgents/



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