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Adobe Flash 11.3 Enable or Disable Silent Update Package

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Adobe Flash Player 11.3 for Mac has a new “Silent Update” feature, detailed here:

“The background updater being delivered for Mac OS X uses the same design as the Flash Player updater on Windows. If the user chooses to accept background updates, then the Mac Launch Daemon will launch the background updater every hour to check for updates until it receives a response from the Adobe server. If the server responds that no update is available, the system will begin checking again 24 hours later. If a background update is available, the background updater can download and install the update without interrupting the end-user’s session with a prompt.”

Supposedly it will allow Flash to update itself with no user interaction but I can’t confirm this until another Flash Update comes out.  Anyway I’ve put together a really basic Package the turns the feature On for anyone who wants to give it a try.

It  simply puts a new mms.cfg files into /Library/Application Support/Macromedia/ with the following 2 lines of text:


This package can be deployed via the normal methods. (ARD, Munki, Casper)

Pic of Package IconPKG –  (use the File Menu > Download)


& here’s a PKG todo the opposite – AutoUpdateDisable = 1 & SilentAutoUpdateEnable = 0

Pic of Package Icon PKG – (use the File Menu > Download)


Checkout Greg’s package here for a Package that disables updates –